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The Book

(OPENING YOUR PRESENCE… Presenting the YOU, You Want Others to See)

With humor, personal stories, real client anecdotes, and step-by-step exercises Greta takes the non-professional speaker through a guided exploration to find his or her most authentic, and ultimately powerful voice. Opening Your Presence has been translated into Greek and Chinese and is available internationally. Digital and softback editions are available through Amazon or order an autographed copy directly through this website.   $16.95 includes shipping and handling.

*Discounts are available on orders of 10 or more. For details, please email Greta at greta@gretamuller.com.


Celebrating the translation and publication of her book in Greece by Dioptra Publishing.

The Blog

Be Bold!

Be Bold! What does boldness feel like? Do you believe one must feel bold in order to act bold? Superheroes are all the rage now- do you think Wonderwoman feels [...]


The Philosophy

OPENING YOUR PRESENCE is not only the title of Greta’s book, but the foundation of her coaching philosophy.

What if you could more easily tap into your greatest gift—your presence—to create a more noticeable impression and impactful message?  Everyone has unique talents and gifts worth opening to share with the world, even when it’s one person at a time. Opening your presence is about peeling away distracting biases that prevent the non-professional speaker from being their most powerful, engaging and ultimately authentic communicator. Greta provides the means to a successful end- the power to win with audiences large and small.