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What do clients say about Greta Muller?

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GRETA MULLER is a corporate presentation coach and consultant who for 20 years has developed a unique methodology, empowering the non-professional speaker to fully command his or her authentic voice. Greta has worked on developing messaging strategies, exploring the transformation of information into captivating stories. Her diverse client base includes Fortune 500, boutique agencies, non-profit organizations, and professionals in a wide range of industries and positions. She had an extensive career as spokeswoman and actor in television, film and live industrials and voice overs before shifting behind the cameras to serve as Talent Coach with Talent Dynamics, working exclusively with television news, weather and sports anchors. Greta transitioned into the corporate realm, empowering her clients through imaginative solutions. Her years of experience give Greta a unique perspective into analyzing and offering perspective in career guidance, as well as professional projects, events and meetings.

Greta’s 2015 book Opening Your Presence has been translated into Greek and Chinese and is available internationally. She is certified by New New York City as a Woman Owned Business in the MWBE.

Greta Muller
Greta MullerPresentation Specialist