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Performance Coach
Motivational Speaker
Creative Director

Performance Coach


Your business performance requires daily presentations. All presentations require performance excellence—you have an audience, even when it is an audience of one. Greta offers highly customized guidance and partnership in the development of your ideal execution.

Expand the boundaries of your presentation, elevate your professional performance, or media interview with guidance by a dynamic, experienced coach. Embrace and express genuine qualities to present the best you. Explore all you can do and be, to express your ideas with confidence and energy. Set up a complimentary consultation today by emailing Find out why clients call her a presentation specialist.


Your team needs inspiration and creative solutions to make the most of their time, relationships and interactions. Workshops are tailored to the directives and desires of the client, respecting industry and objectives in a wide range of specialties. Activities are designed to maximize the group energy. When needed, Greta utilizes a team of coaches ( and other specialists to fulfill the demand. Ideally, one-on-one time with participants is factored in to allow for individualized goal-setting.  Areas of concentration include:

  • Live Presentations
  • TelePrompter
  • PowerPoint
  • Media Interview
  • Webinars
  • Team Building

Motivational Speaker

Great for luncheons, conferences, and meetings. For availability, rate and questions, contact Greta at or speak to one of her representatives for additional information: Guirlaine Belizaire at


The messages within her book, OPENING YOUR PRESENCE, are tailored to your group’s culture, focus and industry. Your members leave motivated and excited to implement personal and actionable goals designed to promote a greater awareness of self and interaction with team members and customers.


Verbal responses, physical activities and Q&A may be woven into the fabric of Greta’s presentation. Her customized theme is germane to your group’s personality and function. Able to address specific issues, Greta enjoys spending time with your guests when possible, often staying afterward and incorporating private questions for that extra element that speaks volumes.

Creative Director

Speech Writing — Thought Partner

To help craft the perfect message is Greta’s pleasure and privilege while working in close partnership with clients, who supply the essential content.  Her approach involves embracing the speaker’s personality and purpose in combination with audience engagement and perspective. Greta uses her years of experience, expertise as a published author and speech writer, and objectivity to focus on primary messaging, key take-aways and initiatives to be implemented. (References on request)

As your THOUGHT PARTNER, Greta assists in breaking down complex messaging so that your team and audience may more successfully assimilate and implement information and directives. Greta has served as meeting moderator as well as a behind the scenes meeting coordinator and planner.

Corporate Industrials — Live and Digital

What is a Creative Director and why does your corporate event need one?

A Creative Drector is the final authority in the development and successful execution of a corporate event that creates a powerful impression. You can better focus on your business when the business of your event is in the hands of a seasoned professional in her industry.  Greta develops corporate industrials that respect your company’s culture and branding for an inspired experience employees and customers will remember. Set, sound and lighting designers benefit when working with an expert who values and respects your time, budget, event theme and ultimate vision.

Large business events, conferences and meetings, webinars and promotional videos… meet with an event master who will insert the creative spark that grabs and holds your audience’s attention.

  • Thematics
  • Set Design Inspiration
  • Write and Produce Digital Content
  • Coordinate Talent and Entertainment
  • Set, Sound, Lighting Liaison
  • Conference Direction and Staging